<September 21, 2019>


The higher the wall is we need to overcome, the more delighted we feel when we achieve it.


 The goal I have now is difficult tho'.  To give it up immediately is quite easy. To be sure, it's hard to achieve, but if I could do it well, I might have the most delighting experience that I've never had yet. 


<September 9, 2019>


The older we become, the more we feel time so invaluable.
We might begin to be conscious of the sunset time of our life.

That idea is the proof I got old. To be sure, I'm not young.
It's an inevitable truth.

Even if you ask me whether I feel sad or not, I would reply it's my destiny.

All the living things have a destiny.
Eternal life is just a dream.

Listening to swallows' singing or cicadas' ringing, I always felt they were doing their best.

But I can't hear their twitters or sounds anymore now.
Swallows have gone to other lands.
Cicadas have gone to another world.

They left their good memories with me.

So, I'd like to be like them.
I wish the memory of me might leave in other's mind.


<August 16, 2019>


On the second day of our trip to Nagoya, one of my friends was with us for several hours. We'd got to know each other soon after entering university. We've been good friends for about 40 years since then. Each of our residences was near, in only three minutes' walk. And we used to visit each other. After graduating from university, our lifestyle changed so much we have less chance to meet. But we have managed to keep in contact with each other. His sudden calling has often encouraged and moved me so much. This time, he was kind enough to come to pick us up at the hotel and take us to the places by car as in Nagoya University and Atsuta Shrine where we'd like to go.
Though he seemed to be a bit tired, he spared us a part of his precious holiday and showed us around Nagoya. He kept watching us cross the crosswalk after we said goodbye. I felt delightful. I need to thank him with a heart for his hospitality. We met for the first time in about 20 years and had the same time only for a while. It was a precious time for us. I was so glad to meet him again. After I crossed the crosswalk with my family, we raised our hand as a sign of saying goodbye. "May you keep fine till next meeting me."



<August 12, 2019>

We decided to have a short trip and made a reservation for a hotel. The destination is just Nagoya. We haven't reserved the train tickets yet. JR-West says on its website we have vacant seats of the trains on that day. In Japan, the period of "Obon" is from August 13 to 16. Most Japanese people return to their hometown to pray for their deceased ancestors there. So, all the transportations would be so crowded. We'd have heavy traffic congestion on high ways as well. We are sure to suffer from the terrible rush.
For our family, it is the first time to travel somewhere for a few days.
Of course, we've ever visited Kyoto for days many times. But the purpose of them wasn't for our fun. You might know my son has had a hard time since he was born. We have always been hoping that he'd be better and that we'd take him freely to anywhere he'd like to go someday. We're so happy that the day comes at last.
He's a nine-year-old boy now. Most of the same agers might have experiences of much more travels. So, we'd like him to experience as many things as possible through this trip.
Our family would like to say with a thankful heart to medical staffs, our parents, relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
"Thank you for having been supporting us. We hope that you'll have more happiness."
※Obon: Buddhist memorial services in Japan